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Ad giants McCann commissioned photographer Nick Meeks to create a visionary campaign for SONY’s new 4K TV. The new 4k promises to have a picture quality 4x’s the resolution of standard HDTV. 

I’d have to say he hit this assignment out of the park - because it doesn’t seem real - the millions of flower petals that were blasted into the air in Costa Rica to showcase the beauty of their new 4K. It took the creative team and the entire village 2 weeks to pluck the 8 million flower petals that symbolize the 8 million pixel display of the 4K tv. 

Sony says, “to see the real depth and detail of each petal gliding in the air, floating on the water, or blowing in the streets, you need to see it on one of their new 4K televisions in a showroom near you.” - of course…there’s the catch. But as incredible as it looks in 1080p, I think I’m willing to do that. 

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splicing pumps


splicing pumps

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My whole life, I’ve been looking to be a part of something special to feel special, but the truth is, I am special.

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